Cartoon Research

      I don’t know of anyone who has done more for the preservation and appreciation of animation history than Jerry Beck. Between his books, his live presentations, the DVD and Blu-Ray compilations of classic cartoons that he has co-produced, and other activities, he amounts to a one-man task force on behalf of the animated image—classic and modern, Disney and otherwise.
      One of Jerry’s notable achievements is the Cartoon Research website, an online resource for which he has recruited a wide-ranging group of fellow writers. Drawing on this diverse aggregation of talent, offers an almost daily dose of animation history, covering a varied assortment of topics. I’ve already included a link to Cartoon Research in my list of “Recommended Sites” below, and the reader is encouraged to click on that link and explore the sprawling wealth of knowledge contributed by that large group of writers (including, of course, Jerry himself). But along with that, I’m proud to say that I’m one of the writers who has (sporadically) contributed columns to the site. So I’m taking this opportunity to link to the columns I’ve written, and of course the list will be updated to include future installments. I hope you’ll enjoy these pieces—and, again, be sure to check out the other writers represented there.

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